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SENS8 Home Security Device All-in-One


Title : SENS8 Home Security Device All-in-One Wireless Home Security System
Description : Everyone wants to keep their home safe, but most of us cannot afford the cost necessary to purchase and run a traditional home security system. And what’s worse, other systems are plagued by false alarms caused by moving shadows, pets, or billowing curtains. For all these people,┬áSENS8 is the answer.
As a smart all-in-one home security system, SENS8 combines affordability, convenience, elegance, and accuracy.
The sensor fusion algorithm combines results from the live streaming 1080p night vision camera, passive infra-red motion detector, and other sensors to drastically increase the accuracy of your device.
Our API allows direct uploads to Dropbox, which means no pesky monthly fees, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.
We designed SENS8 to be a beautiful work of art, combining form and function. The unibody design is intricately machined from solid aluminum.
Set up takes just minutes, and SENS8 can be placed anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal and a power outlet. It is completely portable, light-weight, and requires no installation.
SENS8 embraces creativity with technology to ensure users have peace of mind whether they are home or not.

Features :

  • Complete protection: 1080p HD camera with night vision, motion detection, 95+ dB alarm & speaker
  • No Monthly Fee EVER, supports 8G local storage as well as uploads videos to Dropbox, Bank-level encryption to protect privacy
  • Eliminates false alarms thanks to patented sensor fusion algorithm, using app to automatically disarm/arm
  • Temperature, humidity, sound & ambient light sensors that take care of your home and loved ones comprehensively
  • Back-up battery, keeps monitoring and alarming for 2 hours even being unplugged. 1-year quality warranty backed by SENS8

SENS8 Home Security Device All-in-One Wireless Home Security System SENS8 Home Security Device All-in-One Wireless Home Security System
Category: Remote Home Monitoring Systems
Brand: SENS8
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Rating : 4.8
Rating : 17
Review : The best all-in-one home security device on the market
I already had two different security cameras on my first floor monitoring the front door and the garage, I will need a 3rd one for 2nd floor. Have not satisfied with both products I have been searching for a new brand, and finally I found this little gem.

I bought it on Black Friday (a good deal) and it arrived the 2nd day. The product is as elegant as the pictures shown on the website. I really like the sleek and futuristic design, though it is smaller and lighter than I thought, not bad if I want to move it around.

The setup is very easy and straightforward, once I downloaded the app and follow the instructions, I set it up successfully without any issue.

I put all 3 products side by side and did some comparison, Sens8 clearly stands out, easily beat the other two cameras I am currently using:

Video streaming delay: It takes one product maybe 2-3 sec to be switched for live stream, for another one, it takes sometimes 50 seconds (to me it…