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Title : Lock-it Block-it – Home Security Window Bars – 2 Pack
Description : The Lock-it Block-it is an adjustable window Home Security and Safety bar. This burglar proof and childproof home security device is designed to keep windows OPEN at a safe height and SECURED. Block children from falling out of open windows. Block criminals from climbing in through open windows. The device offers what every security experts recommends – a physical way to secure your home windows. Two devices per package. Used to secure Single Hung Windows, Sliding Windows and Patio Doors. Intruders can’t reach it from the outside when properly installed and adjusted. Children can’t reach it (when furniture isn’t near the window). Also used as a secondary window lock when windows are closed. Adjustable – extends from 17 inches to a maximum of 2 feet 6 inches long. The device sits in the window track or on the window sash with the head wedged into top corner of the window making it impossible to move. Supplied adhesive strips hold the device firmly in place. When the window is lowered, the device doesn’t fall out. Made of two high-impact strength rectangular PLASTIC cylinders for a combined thickness of two nickels. Cylinders are locked together by a double-headed push pin. Rubber end caps for scratch protection. A series of 13 adjustable settings allows for windows to be Locked Open from 1 inch or more. Its smooth white finish blends in with the window and doesn’t block the view. No tools required. IMPORTANT – MEASURE before buying – 1) Device will not fit in tracks narrower than 1 inch wide. 2) The device extends to maximum of 2 feet and 6 inches. 3) Fits windows 3.5 – 5.5 feet high & patio doors 5.5 feet wide. Measure from top window track to bottom window track – see photo. 4) Press the bottom pin head to adjust the device. 5) Not suitable for double-hung windows if the purpose is to prevent burglaries. 6) All three velcro strips must be used to prevent device from falling from the window. 7) Check device periodically to make sure it is still adhered properly.
Features :

  • High-impact durable Plastic burglar-bars used to block criminals from entering homes through open windows and patio doors. Combined cylinders are as thick as two nickels. Windows can now stay open and be securely LOCKED OPEN from 1 inch to several inches. Watch YouTube video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O37jGJiAHAQ&feature=youtu.be
  • Extendable & Adjustable! Control how high you want the window to open with the 13 adjustable settings. Lock the height in place with the push of a pin. Used for Single-Hung windows, Sliding Windows and Patio Doors. When the window makes contact with the Lock-it Block-it, it’s Stopped.
  • Withstands repeated impacts with its unique double-headed push pin that provides extra resistance from forced entry. Burglars can’t reach it from the outside when properly installed and adjusted. Blocks children from falling out of open windows.
  • IMPORTANT – BEFORE BUYING, MEASURE the window or door track where the device will be placed. The security bar extends from 17 inches to 30 inches long (MAX length is 2 and 1/2 feet). Window tracks MUST be at least 1 inch wide. Device is 1 inch by 1 inch wide on all sides.
  • Quick & easy installation. No tools needed. Held in window track by supplied adhesive strips. It doesn’t fall out when the window is lowered. Removes easily in emergencies. Replaces those ugly wood blocks. Fits discretely in window track and doesn’t obstruct view.

Lock-it Block-it - Home Security Window Bars - 2 Pack Lock-it Block-it - Home Security Window Bars - 2 Pack
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