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GuardPeanut Smart Anti-Theft Alarm

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Title : GuardPeanut Smart Anti-Theft Alarm
Description :

GuardPeanut is a Smart Anti-Theft Alarm that watches over your belongings and alerts you if they are moved. GuardPeanut simply connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart. Using the SensePeanut companion app, you will be alerted when any of your valuables or objects are moved when they shouldn’t be. You can also view an unlimited timeline of the object’s movement history.

Features :

  • Get alerted if your belongings are moved when they shouldn’t be.
  • Online mode: GuardPeanut connects your iOS/Android phone using Bluetooth Smart (limited range)
  • Offline mode: GuardPeanut stores data when you’re away. Up to 30 days.
  • Remote mode: Set up a home hub, using your tablet, to get real-time alerts (unlimited range)
  • Protect your luggage, purse, valuables, jewelry, safe, baby stroller, bike
  • Monitor your front door’s comings-and-goings
  • Alarms, history and IFTTT features available

GuardPeanut Smart Anti-Theft Alarm GuardPeanut Smart Anti-Theft Alarm
Category: Alarms & Anti-Theft
Brand: Sense
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Rating : 3.7
Rating : 15
Review : Not reliable motion detection

First, this is simply a device to monitor when something is moved. Not where it is moved to. Which is what I expected when ordering. It will ping your phone if it is within Bluetooth range or will download history when back in Bluetooth range. I wanted it to monitor when my office door was opened and closed during my absences so GuardPeanut seemed like the perfect device.

Turns out no so much. It is not reliable after several days testing. It catches maybe 75% of the times the door is opened – that I am aware of. And I have it hanging in a hook on the door so not only is there the usual door motion, it also swings on the hook on the door. So there is no reason for the door opening to go undetected. Not ready for prime time.